Saving the Plant One Drip at a Time

Turning Over A New Leaf: Stopping Autumn Leaves From Blocking Your Outside Drains

Blocked indoor drains can be tiresome and expensive to deal with, and most of us take care to avoid shoving anything too dangerous down our sinks and plugholes. However, outdoor drains, such as the french drains and culverts used to direct water away from driveways, generally receive much less care and attention, when the consequences […]

Why You May Not Be Able to Get That Blocked Drain Clear

You may not need to call a plumber every time your home has a blocked drain; sometimes the old household trick of putting a little vinegar and baking soda in the drain can help to push a clog along quickly and easily. However, there may be some very good reasons why you can’t get a […]

Hot Water Radiators Not Heating? Try This Quick Fix

If your home radiators don’t get hot when you turn up the thermostat, the problem might be in the radiators themselves rather than your home’s central boiler. Try this quick fix to drain your radiators before you call hot water services for help. Why Don’t Radiators Get Hot? One of the most common causes of […]

Plumbing Services | 4 Step-By-Step Guidelines For Sealing A Small Hole In Your Bathroom Sink Pipe

If your bathroom sink pipe has suddenly sprung a small leak, then you naturally want to seal it as quickly as possible before a puddle of accumulated water causes unnecessary damage to your home. While larger leaks require the intervention of professional plumbing services, you can seal small leaks on your own. This guide is […]

When It’s Time to Call a Plumber

Having a burst pipe in the home is not the only time you want to call a plumber and have them inspect and repair your home’s pipes, as there are many other signs that your home has a water leak or other damage that should be addressed by a plumber. Ignoring these signs can mean […]

Important Factors You Shouldn’t Overlook When Buying a Water Heater

When getting a new water heater for your home, you want to take the time to compare different models so you know you get something that will provide the hot water you need without wasting energy. Solar water heaters are a viable option for many homes and tankless water heaters can also be a good […]

Tips When Using an Auger to Unclog a Heavy Duty Floor Drain

The floor drain located in your basement is important because that is where all the drain pipes installed in your home lead. This means that over time it is possible to have some type of clog or blockage in the basement floor drain. This type of floor drain is typically designed to be heavy duty […]

Hot Water Systems | 3 Quick Steps To Undertake When Your Hot Water System Leaks

Hot water is vital to having a comfortable shower or washing dishes when the temperature dips outside, but every so often, you may face a leak in your hot water systems. While this may seem like a small nuisance, it can quickly turn into a catastrophe by damaging the structural integrity of your walls and […]

4 Important Tips for Avoiding Burst Pipes in Your Home

Burst pipes can be a very messy and very expensive fix, as you may need to repair water damage in the area of the burst pipes and also replace the pipes themselves. While sometimes a burst pipe happens through no fault of your own, you can often do a few things that help to prevent […]

Water Heaters: Understanding Your Options

The water heating system is an essential module in a home. Therefore, it is important to select the right hot water unit before purchasing a replacement appliance. Ideally, water heaters can provide long-term service, but you will have to make a replacement due to old age, damage and inefficiency. There are diverse hot water units […]